CaNNaBIS Biofertilizer
Why choose CaNNaBIS Biofertilizer ? About CaNNaBIS Biofertilizer

Cannabis Fertilizer is a brazilian industry with Japanese technology, specializing in fertilizers. We produce the best and most efficient fertilizer for the cultivation of cannabis, achieving the best efficiency in the cultivation of this plant.

Focused on the quality and health of the plant and the final consumer, who is concerned with knowing the future use that the plant will have, and analyzing the soil where it will be planted, thus being able to formulate a unique, exclusive and premium biofertilizer, being the best in the cannabis scenario.

Performing all these points in a natural, sustainable, ecological, biodegradable way, respecting the plant cycle and its needs, always valuing its best performance and productive increase, in addition to providing pre-sale support, during use, and especially after-sale, under the constancy of quality analyzes.

Development, innovation and investment are characteristics carried out by the company since its foundation. With the advancement of its own technologies, the guarantee, quality and production capacity are high, making Cannabis Biofertilizer a reference in the world market.


Work continuously to offer more and more quality in products, service and the structure offered, guaranteeing the best fertilizer and reliability to partners and suppliers.


Become a reference in the international market in the supply of fertilizers for the cultivation of the cannabis plant.


  • Quality of products;
  • Sustainability;
  • Food security;
  • Punctual service;
  • Respect and equality;
  • Transparency and ethics;
  • Socio-environmental responsibility.